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13 May 2010

Get A FB Username For Your Profile Or Business Page
By: Tackett Internet Marketing, LLC

Follow these instructions to get a Facebook username for your Business Page...

note: You need to have 25 Fans (Like's) to obtain a username for your Business Page.

1. When logged into your personal profile on FB, go to:

note: If you created a business Page with a different account you have to go through that account.  If there is no personal account attached to your business Page then you have to make yourself an Admin first and then login to your personal account/profile and go to

2. Create a username for your personal profile if you haven't already. (This must be done before you can assign one to any Business Pages that you Admin.)

3. After you've created your personal username go back to: (it will say you've already set one) BUT look right below this and it will say "Set A Username For Your Pages" and click on this link.

4. Choose your Page, then enter your desired username.

5. Click "Check Availability"

IMPORTANT: You cannot change your username once set.
TIP: Make it as short as possible & make sure it is spelled the way you want it spelled.
TIP: Give capitals to different words to help distinguish the name. Ie. not "tackettinternetmarketing"  use "TackettInternetMarketing"

6. If it's available, and you agree to it, then you now have your username for your Business Page.

7. Place it on your marketing materials, website, newsletters etc....


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