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1 May 2010

Is Your Email Inbox Stuffed Full?
Try these helpful tips to relieve the madness...

by: Tackett Internet Marketing, LLC


1. Create a fresh new address & only give it to those 10 most important (or interesting) people.

2. Have several different addresses for different purposes. ie... Reserve one for signing up for services/accounts or raffle drawings etc. (this is often the one that gets sold & where you'll rec'v spam). Check this one once a week. And, use one for personal & one for business. Organize your email addresses as best fits your needs. Keep it to no more than 3-4 however.

3. Don't post your email address on your website! Have an anti-spam decoder built-in to your "contact us" form. This keeps you in control over who you respond to and give your email address out to. It is also highly preventative in highjackings (where they send emails apparently from your address)

4. Stop putting your email address on your marketing materials. Drive them to your website and your spam-protected "Contact Us" form. (This is twice as beneficial as it gets more people to stop in at your site.)

5. Don't post your email on social sites or online profiles! Again... make them visit your site or call you.

6. Sign up for a service where you designate only certain emails to reach you via mobile so you don't miss the important ones even if you can't or don't want to check the main box.

7.  Don’t read an email until you’re prepared to respond to it.  This way you don’t end up storing emails forever in the “I’ll get to it later” mode. 

8.  Transfer important emails to your hard drive or a disc  in order to free up and de-clutter your inbox.

9.  Unsubscribe to anything you don’t want!   Be careful not to hit the “unsubscribe” button on something that looks suspicious!

10.  Use an RSS Reader to get blog posts and newsletters. This keeps postings out of your inbox.

  ~ Tackett Internet Marketing, LLC

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