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18 Aug 2010

"Maximize Your Thumbnails!   Prime Marketing Real Estate On The Web!"

Are you losing business because your business name or logo isn't clearly visible in the thumbnail versions on social media sites and event calendars?  Thumbnails are small but prime marketing real estate for your company and branding.

The thumbnail version of your logo that resides in the space next to your social media posts or calendar event listings is very important for the following reasons:

  • It can make you stand out by drawing attention to your posting and business
  • May be the first impression a potential client has of your company
  • It makes you quickly identifiable to your loyal followers
  • Will frequently reinforce your brand with every posting
  • Will establish the professional tone of your company, event, product or services
  • Can prompt a click thru from a potential client to learn more about your business or event.

TIPS:  Use these tips to make the best use of this small but very powerful marketing space:

1)  Create, or have created, a square version of your logo - most social media sites and event calendars use a square display

2)  Zoom in and crop closely around your business name or logo so that it appears as large as possible in the thumbnail version

3)  Adjust the positioning OR size of your thumbnail on Facebook by following these steps:

     a.  Hover your mouse over the main logo photo on your biz Page
     b.  Click on "Change Picture" when it appears at the top of photo
     c.   Then click on "Edit Thumbnail"  (tiny link located just below photo)
     d.   Now, choose "Scale To Fit"   or.....
     e.   Hover your mouse over the thumbnail picture, left click, hold the button down & drag the picture into the desired position
     e.   Click "Save"  (note: you may need to refresh your Page's Wall to view the new positioning.) 

4)  Colors:   Use contrasting as well as one bright color to make your business name or logo stand out.   ie. dark lettering on light background.   Go to any Twitter profile for good examples of  the types of logo thumbnails that stand out.

5)  Avoid Confustion:

     a.   Use only 2-3 colors maximum to avoid visual confusion.

     b.   Avoid very busy or highly detailed versions of your logo or business name. These can also cause confusion and often become illegible in thumbnail format.

     c.   Stay consistent.  Avoid using entirely different logos in your marketing.  ie...  A sun on your website and a bird on your social media.  They may both be a part of your logo but keeping it consistent with minor variations to fit size & space will help you remain true to your branding and keep your followers from being confused.

7)   Don't try to include a slogan as too much information can also become illegible.  The main focus should be on your logo or business name.

8)  If you've tried everything and still can't make it fit try this... In photoshop or a graphic arts program place your logo on a slightly larger background and then crop around your logo leaving space or a border around the edges. When you upload this new version with space  around your logo, it should cause it to appear better in the thumbnail.  (I discovered this by accident so I hope I've communicated this clearly.)

Your thumbnail does not have to be perfect and it's okay if a portion of a letter or so on the edge isn't visible.  Don't make yourself crazy trying to obtain perfection in the thumbnail version. But, if half of a word or logo is missing from view then you're leaving your viewers guessing and you're unfortunately missing a prime marketing opportunity.

It's important to consult with a graphic designer or printing/sign professional who can assist you. They have plenty of information to help you create a successful logo and in several different versions that can be used in a variety of marketing mediums, yet will still maintain a cohesive branding that customers will quickly identify as your business.

 Written by: Tackett Internet Marketing, LLC

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