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8 Feb 2011

15 Cool Ways To Promote Your Facebook Page
Written by: Tackett Internet Marketing

1.  Send a special announcement out to your email list just about your Facebook Page. Include information about what people can expect to find on it & provide a link for people to visit and Like your Page.

2.  Write a special blog post just about your Facebook Page.

3.  Create a page on your website devoted solely to promoting your Facebook Page. Let people know what they can find on your Page & especially things they may not find elsewhere. Give them compelling reasons to "Like" your Page.

4.  Mention your FB Page along with the vanity URL in your elevator speech at networking events or when meeting a potential client.
5.  Create a QR Code that links to "Liking" your Page for quick and easy access.  Great for trade shows! 
6.  Encourage people to text the "Like" digits to automatically "Like" your Page.  Note: Remind them to NEVER text while driving or at any other unsafe time.  ie...  Text  "Like TackettInternetMarketing to 32665"  (substitute your own Page's name)

7.  Include your Page's URL address in your email signature and newsletters. 

8.  Include your Page's URL address on your printed marketing materials cards, flyers, brochures.

9.  Place a FB Like box on your website and/or blog.
10.  Suggest your Page to your connections and followers on other Social Media sites ie... LinkedIn, Twitter, Biznik etc...
11.  Suggest your Facebook Page in your YouTube videos, webinars, and other media.
12.  Use Facebook ads.
13.  List your Facebook Page URL in online directories and event calendar listings.
14.  Add a link along with a suggestion to "Like" your Page in your autoresponders for email subscribes, orders, or surveys.
15.  Add a link or the URL to your sales invoices, shipping docs, even wrapping papers and gift bags to remind customers to visit your Page, "Like" it, and leave comments about your products.
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