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10 Feb 2011

Use Auto-Responders! The Powerful (But Overlooked) Marketing Tool!
Written By:  Tackett Internet Marketing, LLC


Auto-responders are a powerful marketing tool for your business when someone subscribes to your newsletter, places an order, completes a survey, sends you an inquiry, etc... and can be used even while you're sleeping!  An autoresponder is a type of computer program that automatically answers any e-mails being sent to it, or when orders are placed, surveys completed and more.   Use auto-responders to: 

1.  Provide Instant Customer Service - Let your customers know that you've received their communications and when they can expect to hear from you.  Let them know their email hasn't gone into the email abyss! 

2.  Provide Immediate Customer Appreciation - Saying "thank you" is an important part of customer appreciation and good manners!  So be sure to say thank you when someone orders from you, and consider adding an unexpected thank you gift such as a link to a list of helpful tips or information.
3.  Communicate A Special Or Promotion - Take this opportunity to inform your customer of a current or upcoming sale or special promotion, and include a special discount code off their next purchase to increase your chances of a repeat customer. 
ie...  Thank you for your order today, we truly value your business.  To show our appreciation we've enclosed a coupon code for 10% off your next online purchase to be used until  (date).   
Please join us for our upcoming Spring Break sale (include dates)!  Hint:  Use your coupon code to increase your savings on sale items.
4.  Cross-Drive Your Traffic - Suggest They Connect With Your Twitter, YouTube Channel, FB Page Or Blog. Provide a link to your social media pages or blog to cross-drive your traffic.
ie... Thank you for your inquiry, your message is important to us and we will return your email within 24 hours.  
In the meantime please read through our website, we offer lots of helpful information, especially on our Hints & Tips Page (make active link) and please connect up with us on our YouTube Channel (make active link) and Twitter (make active link) page to receive news of upcoming products, services, and specials as well as useful tips and information.
5.  Suggest A Call To Action - Suggest that they subscribe to your newsletter, take a survey, forward your site on to a friend, or other activity they haven't performed, and be sure to provide the links to access the survey, email subscribe box, etc.
6.  Get Creative - Try including an embedded video (or link to one on your YouTube channel) to make a video response and establish that more personalized connection with your customer.
7.  Reinforce Your Branding - Be sure to include your company name, logo, and design theme if possible in your auto-response.
8.  Reinforce Your Company Message -  Including your brief main company message or at least your slogan will help reinforce who you are and what your company provides or your mission.
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How To Find Auto-Responders:
1.  Your email system will very likely already have them as an option.
2.  Use the "vacation reply" and use wording that fits the above and not vacation response wording.
3.  Most professional email management companies ie... Constant Contact or Mail Chimp, have autoresponders for you to customize to fit your branding and message which will be activated when someone subscribes or unsubscribes to your mailing list.
4.  Your website company may include them in with your email packaging.
5.  Your survey or RSVP system will very likely have them that you can customize.
6.  Do an internet search for "autoresponders" to add to your existing systems.
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