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12 Feb 2011

Upgraded Facebook Pages - Understanding The New Features!
Written by: Tackett Internet Marketing, LLC


Post As Yourself Or Your Page As You Move Around Facebook! -  "Use Facebook As A Page" is a new, and long awaited feature, that permits an Admin to make posts, and interact with other Pages under their own Page's identity and not under their personal name. This feature allows Admins to toggle back and forth between navigating/using Facebook as a Page or as themselves.   The inability in the past to do this caused many business owners to create personal profiles under their business name despite FB's rules condeming this practice.  The new Facebook Pages addresses some (but not all) of these issues by allowing Pages to comment, like, and post on the walls of other Pages.

"Use Facebook As A Page" toggle link is located under "Account" (upper right corner of your Personal Profile.)
You can further adjust your Posting Preferences by going to "Edit Page" in upper right corner of Page, then click on "Your Setting"

Receive Notifications When Someone Posts!   Admins will now receive notifications in their email inbox when someone posts/comments on a Page's Wall.  Check these settings as there appears to be some inconsistency as to whether it is a default setting. 

To check/change your email notifications settings go to "Edit Pages" (upper right corner) then choose "Settings" (upper left) , then look at "Email Notifications."  To further narrow down your notifications options for your Pages click on the link "View All Email Settings For Your Pages."

Page Tabs (Navigation) Has Been Moved To The Left Side - You can now give longer names to the Apps you've added (not the default ones FB provides with the Page) and you can change the order of display.

To change names click "Edit Page" then "Apps" then "Go to App".
To change order of display click on "More" (located at bottom of tabs links on left) then "Edit" then drag & drop your tabs(links) to desired position.

Change The Category Of Your Page - In the past once you chose a category you were stuck with it, now you can change it.

To change your category go to "Edit Page"  on the upper right, then "Basic Information" on top left, and categories are listed right at the top.

View Wall Posts In Chronological Order or Highest Rated Format - Facebook has now defaulted your Page's wall feed to show posts in order of ranking based on activity.  This is good in some ways as it shows visitors your most active posts when they visit, but the downside is it posts out of order & can cause you to miss a post from a Fan because it got buried many posts down the list.  We recommend that you view in chronological order at least once a day to properly respond to current posts on your Wall made by Fans.

To view in chronological order aka "Most Recent" view choose "Admin View" link from under main Page logo & then choose "Most Recent" at top center of your Wall feed. 
To toggle back to the default "Everyone" view click on "Wall" link under main Page logo.

New Photo Display On Wall - 5 of your Page's photos are now featured top and center across your Page's Wall. These are chosen at random.

To hide a photo hover your mouse over the photo and click the "X" that appears.

Visitors Can View Their Friends Who Like Your Page As Well  - When people visit your Page, they will be able to view their friends who also Like your Page.  They can also see other Pages that both of you Like thus showcasing mutual connections.  

Choose To Showcase Which Pages That Your Page Likes  -  You now have control over which Pages your Page features.

Go to "Edit Page" then click on "Featured" then click on "Add Featured Likes" and choose which Pages you want to showcase.

Show The Admins Of Your Page (or not).   You’ll see this in the new “Likes” and “Page Owners” sections on the  side of your Page.

To edit your Admins and their visibility go to "Admins" (upper right corner of your Page) and click "See All."

These are just some of the many changes that have occurred with the new Facebook Pages.  Please contact us via email, phone, Twitter, or our Facebook Page with any questions you have about the new features.  We're happy to help you out!

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