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Web Video Development -  Create Your Professional Video Workshop

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 2-Part Series  -  Create Your Video Workshop
Co-Hosted By:  Elizabeth Tackett & Lauren Archer

Join us for this 2-part class where we will walk you through the entire process of creating your professional video from start to finish (script writing to filming.)  When done you will have a 2-3 minute video for your website, social media & more!

In this 2-part series workshop you will learn the following:

Part 1 - Writing, Marketing, And How To Upload To Your Website And Social Media Accounts

  • The Importance & Benefits Of Video Marketing
  • How To Make Your Videos Effective and Make Them Stand Out
  • How To Achieve A Personal Connection With Your Viewers
  • Tips On Presentation: Speech, Posture, Facial Expressions & Wardrobe and Makeup
  • Tips For Writing An Effective Script
  • How To Search Engine Optimize Your Video
  • Where & How To Market Your Videos
  • How To Upload & Insert Videos Into Sites & Newsletters
  • How To Make A YouTube Channel For Your Business
  • Step-by-step Instructions On Adding Your Video To Facebook, Twitter, & Biznik

Part 2 - Film Day!

You will be filmed using a professional video camera and microphone, and each of you will be given 15 minutes to create several "takes" of your 2-3 minute video which you will able to take home with you. 

In addition, you will all have the chance to socialize and network, practice with each other, and enjoy light refreshments while others are getting their videos filmed.   We will have 2 special guests on Film Day:

Julia Moore w/Park Lane Jewels will be here showing off her gorgeous jewelry and letting you borrow a piece or two to make that professional or grand statement in your video! 
Margie Murphy w/Mary Kay Cosmetics will be present providing expert touchups to your makeup so you can look your best for your video!

Video Marketing should be used in your:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Facebook Page/Postings
  • Other Social Media Accounts
  • Newsletters & Emailings
  • YouTube Channel 

5 Top Reasons You Should Be Using Video Marketing On The Web!

1)  Larger Audience Appeal -  Consumers respond to a variety of mediums.  Not everyone likes text & when you offer a video alternative on your Site & Social Media postings you appeal to a larger audience.

2)  You'll stand out!  - Not everyone is doing it!  You'll be seen as an industry leader.

3)  Increased Viral Marketing Potential -  Your video of information is more likely to be "shared" on the internet.

4)  Personal Connection With Viewers -   You will instantly establish that personal connection that cannot be obtained through text and still photos.  When consumers hear your voice, see your facial expressions, body language etc... a personal connection is formed.

5)  Video Marketing lets you own your message -   Nobody can duplicate your video, not say the exact same things you have said because you have been already recognized first and was associated already with the knowledge you have shared in the video.  With this, you are somewhat protected from plagiarism and other cases of identity theft.




Bonus!  All students will receive the following coupons for additional services!

50% Discount For 1 Performance Evaluation & Speech Coaching Session With Lauren ARcher

50% Discount For 1 Custom Facebook Landing Page With Your Video From Elizabeth Tackett


December 3, 2010
December 10, 2010



Private Residence
Woodinville, Wash.


9:30am - 12:00pm









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