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Fabulous Facebook Business Pages - Beginning Level - October 28, 2011

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Fabulous Facebook Business Pages 101!

This class will focus on step-by-step instruction methods designed to empower you with the skills necessary to get started marketing your business on Facebook.  When you bring your laptop/tablet you can create and/or work on your Page in class.

Many "workshops" give you the philosophy of social media and community building and why Facebook is such a good marketing tool, but this class will give you SKILLS!   

Bring a friend, your laptop or tablet, and plan for an informative seminar focused on:

  • Creating & using this powerful marketing tool to grow your business
  • Building & nurturing an online community to help increase leads and referrals, and strengthen your branding

In this fun 2 hour "hands-on" workshop we will cover the following: 

*  Why Your Business Can Benefit From A Facebook Business Page  (Let's face it... if your business doesn't have one then you are missing out on a tremendous marketing opportunity!)
How To Easily and Correctly Build Your Facebook Business Page
*  How To Use Its Basic Features To Maximize Your Marketing
*  How To Attract Your Fans & Keep Them
*  Posting Updates!  How, What, & When To Post To Keep Your Fans 
  Interested & Engaged

*  What To Post To Encourage Viral Marketing Of Your Content
*  Ways To Avoid The Dreaded "Hide" Button
*  Marketing Your FB Page Online & Off

*  How To Create & Use FB Events & Notes To Grow Your Business
*  Promoting Your Own Clients & Products/Services

*  Ways To Brand Your FB Page

Please join us... we'd love to help you learn the skills needed to succeed!




October 28, 2011


8201  164th Ave. NE Redmond, Wa. 
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10:00am - 12:00pm

Ticket includes:

Take-Home Packet


Important Notes:

Bring Your Laptop - this is an interactive class!


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