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Search Engine Success!  Next Class Spring 2011

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Secrets To Search Engine Success!  Help Your Customers Find You!

Discover how to use SEO secrets to make sure all your internet activities/entries are easily and readily located by the search engines which means more potential customers will find you.  

In this valuable workshop you will learn the following:

  • Top 25 Secrets To Search Engine Success
  • What Factors & Features Search Engines Give Importance To When Ranking
  • How To SEO Your Blog, FB Page, YouTube Videos, Event Calendar Listings and more!
  • Keywords & Search Strings
  • What Search Engines Don't Like or Can't Read
  • White-Hat vs. Black Hat Tactics (and why you should never use one of them!)
  • Differences Between Organic And Sponsored
  • Submitting To The Search Engines - what they want & don't want
  • Brief Overview Of How Search Engines Work
  • Avoid Getting Scammed By "Guaranteed 1st Page Placement" Promises
  • How To Learn Your Site's Google Ranking

Search Engine Optimization should be used in your:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Facebook Page/Postings
  • Other Social Media Accounts
  • Newsletters & Emailings
  • Event Calendar Listings
  • YouTube Channel 





May 13, 2010



Russell's Restaurant
North Creek Business Park
3305 Monte Villa Pkwy.
Bothell, Wa.
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9:30am - 11:30am

Ticket includes:

Take-Home Packet

note: Delicious breakfast items (hot & cold) & espresso drinks will be available for purchase.




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