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Website Construction, Consulting, Analysis, and Maintenance

We specialize in establishing you with client-controlled small business websites that you easily & conveniently edit yourself!

Your professional website is a direct reflection of you, and with our website services you will receive professional and personalized attention designed to address your individual goals and needs.  Your website should be professional, easy to navigate, search engine friendly, and client-controlled for your convenience and it is our goal to deliver this to you at respectable pricing.

Website Services We Deliver:

  • Website Design & Layout - created for your target audience, to optimize visitor activity, retention, and return visits

  • Website Redesign/Updating - give your site the face-lift it deserves and show the modern you!

  • Website Analysis - Your site will recieve a complete evaluation to include: Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Design & Organization, Link Value, Interactivity, Visitor Retention & Return rating and much more!

  • Website Maintenance/Editing - Periodically, or on an ongoing basis.  Do you need calendar or event updates?  Do you have new products and real estate listings to add regularly?  Is your website not keeping current with your business or business image?  Let us handle the maintenance for you!

  • Client Training for Client-Controlled Editing - Are you tired of waiting for your web designer to make the changes you've requested or to even find the time to get back with you?  Are you dissatisfied by the changes that were made, need them off your site immediately, only to have to wait another day or two before your designer can remove them?   Fear no more!  With a client-controlled website, with an easy self-editing system, you can make all the changes you want when YOU want them!  And, we're always here to save the day if you need it. :)

  • JavaScript Features (to add interactivity to websites) - The longer a customer stays at your site the more likely they are to purchase your products, hire your services, and return!  Don't let your customers get bored and leave too quickly - give them something to interact with while they shop your site!

  • Social Media aka Online Networking Integration - We will ensure that your social media presence is integrated with your website for maximum marketing exposure.

  • Video, Audio & Flash Capabilities - Add informative and entertaining videos, offer audio samples of your products or speaking engagements, or simply enhance your site with flash.

  • Guestbooks, Message Boards, etc... -  Create more interactivity, obtain great feedback, testimonials, and increased visitor return rates.

  • E-Commerce, Shopping Carts, Merchant Services


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